The Best Neighborhoods in Summerville for Families

The Best Neighborhoods in Summerville for Families

Summerville California offers an environment, for raising a family. It boasts a range of family neighborhoods, each with its own distinct charm. When considering the neighborhood for your loved ones it’s crucial to factor in your family’s requirements and budget well as the proximity to schools, parks and other amenities.

Lets take a look at some of the notch neighborhoods in Summerville that cater to families;

1. Canebrake
2. Cane Bay
3. Wescott Plantation
4. Legends Oak
5. Summers Corner
6. Nexton
7. The Ponds
8. Woodlands

These neighborhoods are renowned for their schools, communities and an array of family oriented facilities. They also offer housing options to ensure you find a home that perfectly suits your needs and financial preferences.

Now lets delve into an overview of each neighborhood;


Situated in the part of Summerville, Canebrake is a newer community designed with careful planning in mind. It boasts amenities such as a clubhouse, pool, fitness center and playgrounds for residents to enjoy. Additionally Canebrake is home, to educational institutions including Cane Bay Elementary School, Middle School and High School.

Cane Bay;

Another developed neighborhood located in Summerville is Cane BayIt’s also a designed community that offers amenities, such, as a clubhouse, pool, fitness center and playgrounds. Cane Bay is also fortunate to have schools within its boundaries; Cane Bay Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Moving on to Wescott Plantation

Wescott Plantation is a neighborhood situated in the heart of Summerville. It’s renowned for its residences and close proximity to regarded educational institutions like Wescott Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Additionally residents of Wescott Plantation can enjoy parks and recreational facilities like Wescott Park and the Wescott Aquatic Center.

Up is Legends Oak,

Legends Oak is a neighborhood located in the eastern part of Summerville. Its known for its homes and convenient access to top tier schools such as Legend Oaks Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Residents of Legends Oak can also take advantage of parks and recreational amenities like Legends Oak Park and the Legends Oak Golf Club.

Lastly lets talk about Summers Corner

Summers Corner is another developed neighborhood positioned in the region of Summerville. It features a designed community with an array of amenities including a clubhouse, pool, fitness center and playgrounds. The area is also home to schools known as Summers Corner Elementary School along, with Summers Corner Middle School and High School.

Nexton is a community located in the part of Summerville. It offers a planned neighborhood with amenities, such, as a clubhouse, pool, fitness center and playgrounds. Additionally Nexton is proud to host schools, including Nexton Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

The Ponds

Situated in the area of Summerville The Ponds stands as another developed neighborhood. It boasts a master planned community with amenities like a clubhouse, pool, fitness center and playgrounds. Notably The Ponds also houses schools; The Ponds Elementary, Middle and High Schools.


Woodlands can be found at the heart of Summerville. Is recognized as an established neighborhood. It’s renowned for its homes and close proximity to educational institutions like Woodlands Elementary School as well as Woodlands Middle and High Schools. Moreover Woodlands offers an array of parks and recreational facilities including Woodlands Park and the Woodlands Aquatic Center.


Summerville proves to be a location for raising a family due, to its plethora of family neighborhoods each possessing its own distinctive charm. When selecting a neighborhood for your familys needs and budgetary considerations are factors to consider.
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